"I have learned that I am defined only by the limitations I create, not the limitations others create for me." — Hilary Vo, PLU Class of 2018

"I learned that the true meaning of being on a team is the support you receive and lessons you learn from everyone, no matter their age.”

18 from ‘18 | Eighteen inspiring quotes from the admission essays of PLU’s incoming class.

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What have you learned about each other while being in Theater together? 
"I think we’ve really learned each other’s work ethic." 
"And we’ve learned what the other does when were really stressed out and how to deal with that." 

What have you learned by working on Macbeth together? 
"You have a support system here, and it’s hard to find that anywhere else. We are all rooting for each other." 
"We have a very good understanding of what we’re all going through, and we’re going through it together."

What’s the hardest thing about being MacB___? 
"I think for me it’s the level of expectation attributed to this role. I mean, you’re the title of the show. It’s the magnitude of this role. It’s the role that professional actors chase their entire lives. Many of them will never have the chance to play this role, and that’s stuck with me in the back of my mind. It’s daunting."

What’s it like being a Theater professor? 
"Every day is different. We are constantly throwing around ideas. The students are always involved in every decision that is made—they’re always getting the chance to use their creativity."

Where did you get that 1966 Mustang?
"I was driving by Stokes Auction near Port Orchard last summer, and I saw it parked in the lot. So I went to the website and put a bid on it. Figured I’d fix it up and give it to the kids someday.  I was going away on a camping trip that weekend, so I didn’t know if I’d gotten the car or not until I got back. And I got it. Didn’t know it had all original parts until I took a look at it."

Are you going to give it to your kids now?

"I think my thinking mode is sort of made for science. Whenever people ask a question I always think, ‘On what condition?’ I like to be objective."

How has being a university student differed from your initial expectations? 
"It’s better than I thought! I really like the experience I’ve had here. I really like the liberal arts education—it gives me a lot of different perspectives on other cultures and religions. I also get to know what my own opinion is."

"I’m not from the area, so I’m still trying to get used to the amount of rain."

"My favorite thing about her is that occasionally I’ll get really excited about something and I’ll start talking for 15 or 20 minutes, and she will listen and not interrupt, but it’s cool because she lets me finish."
"He wants to tell me everything. I just feel like we have a good connection. We like to talk to each other a lot."

What’s the most interesting lesson you’ve learned in Calculus so far?
“I think the most interesting was second derivatives because I didn’t even know that was a thing.”

What’s your greatest struggle right now?
"Balancing school, athletics and work as well as friendships. You just make time for what’s important. Prioritize, checklists."

How has being a university student differed from your initial expectations?
"As a student of color coming from Lakewood, I was expecting to feel more disconnected from the campus culture and the people. So far, I’ve been able to overcome that by pushing myself to be outgoing in and outside of class, which helped me find others who share my interests. I believe in giving everyone a chance to share their story because it doesn’t do any favors to block them out for being different."

"This weekend is the end of Diversity Week, and to celebrate that, myself and a bunch of my friends are going to Queer Prom, and we are going to dance the night away and it’s going to be great."

What are you doing right now?
"I’m looking at cat photos."